Community Consultation Open –  Green Bridges: Toowong to West End and St Lucia to West End

Community Consultation Open –  Green Bridges: Toowong to West End and St Lucia to West End

December 3, 2020 – Community, Featured

Brisbane City Council is building new green bridges in the precinct, from Toowong to West End and St Lucia to West End. The bridges will be for pedestrian and cyclists only.

Council is now seeking community feedback on the proposed alignment options and landing locations.  Consultation is open until  29 January 2021.

Further information, including detailed fact sheets outlining each alignment option is available on Council’s website.  Feedback on these green bridges can be provided by:

Victoria Bridge to Permanently Close to General Traffic

Victoria Bridge to Permanently Close to General Traffic

December 3, 2020 – Community, Featured

Victoria Bridge will be permanently closed to general traffic from 24 January 2021 to facilitate both the Brisbane Metro project and Citylink Cycleway trail.

This forms part of Brisbane City Council’s strategic direction to reduce congestion in the city and improve public and active transport connections.

Citylink Cycleway is a new separated two-way bikeway, separating vehicles and cyclists. The trial will be implemented in stages including:

  • Victoria Bridge, connecting William St & Grey St
  • Elizabeth St, between William and Creek Streets
  • Edward St, between Elizabeth and Alice Streets
  • Albert St, between Alice and Mary Streets

For more information and FAQ’s – Click here

Business South Bank is holding an information session (via Teams) on the closure of Victoria Bridge providing members with more details and an opportunity to ask questions of the Brisbane City Council project team.

Time:  1.30pm – 2.15pm

Date:  Thursday 17 December 2020

To Register – Click here

Once you have registered, you will receive a link to join the session on Wednesday 16 December.

Victoria Bridge Closure FAQ

Victoria Bridge Closure FAQ

December 1, 2020 – Community


What is the alternative route?

There is no prescribed detour between South Brisbane and the CBD. We encourage you to choose the connection that best suits your journey. Nearby river crossings that connect the CBD to South Brisbane include the William Jolly Bridge and Captain Cook Bridge. Other river crossings including the Go Between Bridge and Story Bridge also provide connections between the inner city and the suburbs for motorists. There are several existing and future green bridges that also provide connections across the river.


Why now?

Since identifying the Victoria Bridge would be converted to a green bridge, the closure of the bridge to general traffic has been planned for 2021. Scheduling the closure in January 2021 was a strategic choice to reduce the immediate impact of the closure by making the change before many people have resettled into their routine and while general traffic is comparably less than normal volumes.

The closure will enable Council to extend the CityLink Cycleway trial bikeway facility from William Street across the Victoria Bridge to Grey Street in early 2021. This will provide enhanced active transport links between the CBD and South Brisbane. Closure of the bridge will also facilitate the construction of this section of the Brisbane Metro, programmed to commence in mid to late 2021.


Who does the closure affect?

The closure will be to bridge users travelling in the two general traffic lanes between Melbourne Street and Grey Street in South Brisbane, across to the intersection of William St and North Quay in CBD. General traffic includes all non-public transport vehicles, including private cars, motorcycles, commercial coaches, taxis, and rideshare vehicles.

The bridge will still carry buses in the busway bus lanes, and footpaths will remain open to pedestrians, cyclists and other footpath users. Following the CityLink works, a new dedicated bikeway will separate cyclist movements across the bridge, and once the Brisbane Metro project is complete, the bridge will also carry metro vehicles.


How do I access the carparks off the Cultural Centre Tunnel?

You can access the carparks in Stanley Street via the Peel Street and Grey Street intersection. Recent upgrades to this intersection have improved capacity and efficiency for traffic entering and exiting the carparks for major events.

New Performing Arts Venue Project Update

New Performing Arts Venue Project Update

November 19, 2020 – Community, Featured

Throughout November 2020, construction work continues to ramp up on the New Performing Arts Venue located at the corner of Russell and Grey Streets. Below is a summary of how these changes may impact access near the site while works continue on construction of the new theatre until late 2022.


  • Changed Access: Parking at BCEC – No right turn into the BCEC car park from Grey St (southbound). Access now via Merivale St


  • QPAC: The footpath and southbound lane of Grey St is closed between QPAC pedestrian tunnel and Russel St

  • The footpath along QPAC on Russell St is also closed to pedestrians

  • Temporary fencing has been installed in front of The Charming Squire


  • Grey Street: Street cycle lanes on Grey temporarily removed. Cyclists can either share the traffic lane with vehicles with a reduced traffic speed of 20 km/h in place or legally ride on the footpath.

For more information about changes to Coaches, Taxis/Rideshare and Trucks/Delivery Vehicles – Click here

South Bank Construction Contact Details

South Bank Construction Contact Details

November 19, 2020 – Community, Featured

Several new projects are being delivered in the precinct, see below for the best contacts for your questions.

New Performing Arts Venue
Contact: Lendlease
Phone: 1800 560 559

Brisbane Metro (Early Works)
Contact: Brisbane City Council
Phone: 1800 692 333

Neville Bonner Bridge Project – Queen’s Wharf Brisbane 
Contact: Fitzgerald
Phone: 1800 413 951 (toll free)

Riverside Open Space
Contact: South Bank Corporation
Phone: 3867 2000

Cultural Centre Riverwalk rehabilitation project
Contact: Brisbane City Council
Phone: 3178 0093 (during business hours) or 3403 8888 (outside of business hours)

Fish Lane Town Square Opening December 2020

Fish Lane Town Square Opening December 2020

November 5, 2020 – Community, Featured

Aria Property Group has announced that Fish Lane Town Square Development will open in early December. Town Square is the conversion of car parks and bin storage areas under the rail line that was fenced off from the public into parklands, public art installations, retail and event space.

The development will include three new restaurants and bars, a Woolworths Metro (which opened  in Sept) and office space. It will also incorporate over 3000 individual plants, three artistic vitrines, projection art, feature lighting and an event and activation space that will host music and events every weekend and facilitate events large and small.