Networking Functions

Opportunity to host events


CEO Lunch

Opportunity to sponsor events

Hear from Guest Speakers

Networking Opportunities


Chance to showcase business

Stallholder feedback survey

Stallholder Professional Development

Showcase Subcommittee

Forums for Marketing Managers

Forums for Educational Institutions

Information Sessions

Personal Safety Session

Sessions about development in area

Professional Development Sessions

Members are able to present as expert in field

Leadership Breakfast

Any Profits made 25% donated to charities

Leadership speakers from precinct

Social Media




Facebook Page

Closed Facebook Group - Students

Closed Facebook Group - members

Website - Central Information

Members Directory

Membership List

Annual Reports

Major construction in precinct

Major Events in Precinct

Board of Directors

BSB Events Calendar



Member Notices

Marketing Package

One Enews Feature

Two Social Media Features

One Website Feature

Forums for innovation, digital technology and creativity

Advantage for students and members

Advantage - Access to discounts and specials

Members can offer year round discount

Advantage 5 Days of Giveaways

Members can participate to profile business

Fortnightly Enews

Welcome to new members

Interview with members - enews

Did you Know Segment


Information about member specials

Important precinct information and alerts


Sustainability Subcommittee

Sustainability Walking Tours

Sustainability Open Forum

Membership Subcommittee

Finance Subcommittee


hub4101 events about technology

Student Video Project

Businesses have the opportunity to work with students

Advocacy and Lobbying

Formal Submission to Government

Representative on advisory committees

Monthly police and security meetings

South Brisbane Mobility Study

Meetings with Key Government Officials

Connecting with leaders, government and prominent people

Strategic Planning

Vision South Bank

Vision South Bank Report - 20 year Vison

Medical Precinct

Student project on how to active spaces

Property leads for vacant spaces

Information for companies wanting to move into area

Annual Survey

Economic + Demographic profiling

Results given to members of trends + Issues

Information on where members travel from

Photos of members at events

Student Business Connect

Member Introductions

Email Introductions

Face to Face Meetings

Face to Face introductions