Vision South Bank

A 20 Year Vision for the South Bank Precinct 

Vision South Bank – September 2021 Workshop

Business South Bank along with over 70 precinct stakeholders took part in a workshop to review the 20-year vision of the precinct (2017 version), overlaying the opportunities of the Olympics and also taking into BSB’s broadened boundaries to include W’Gabba, West End and top part of CBD.

The 2021 workshop reinforced the work of the 2017 report with particular emphasis on:

  1. Global Destination – long-term plan for expanding the cultural, educational and tourism facilities. Particularly the opportunity to expand into the Kurilpa reach of the precinct.
  2. Connections – improving key connections within and beyond the precinct, including major gateways, streets, river links, into the CBD and clear links to the Olympic venues.
  3. Ensuring the core DNA of the precinct included feeling safe, First Nations representation, being inclusive, one that embraces technology and that is underpinned by sustainability.
  4. Embracing and embodying our lifestyle – outdoors, walkability, welcoming, featuring the river.

Brisbane to host 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Business South Bank (BSB) congratulates Brisbane City Council, the Queensland State Government and the Australian Government for their successful bid to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Given the enormous opportunities the Olympic and Paralympic Games will provide to the City and the precinct, BSB will be revisiting its 20-Year Vision.


The Vision South Bank Priorities report is an addendum to the 2017 Vision South Bank Report and presents what is considered priorities for the precinct.

  1. The first priorities that bring to life the 20-year shared vision of the precinct are:
    Key connector streets in the precinct
  2. Maximising open and green spaces & establishing micro-performance/art spaces to add to public amenity
  3. It is recognised that in order for connector streets and the maximisation of open and green spaces to be effective, the engagement of the community is required. BSB addresses this topic towards the end of the document.

Video produced 2017.