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Annual Report 2018/2019

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Where would we be without technology? #lost However, is it contributing to an inability to relate to others and is it affecting the potential for how we do business? Our speakers will discuss: Valuable insights on the trends and challenges of working i …

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Design of New Hospital Ward Unveiled at Queensland Children’s Hospital

Queensland Children’s Hospital has unveiled the design of the new 29-bed ward. The brand-new ward was designed in close consultation with patients, families and staff ensuring the space is both fit for clinical purposes, children and is family-friendly …

Brisbane Metro Update – Preliminary Works Begins 2020

Preliminary works for Brisbane Metro will commence around the Cultural Centre in January 2020. The Council will examine a possible new $91 million tunnel that would connect West End to CBD bus services and bypass the intersection of Melbourne and Grey. …

Griffith University 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Griffith University has released its 2020-2025 Strategic Plan that outlines investments of more than a billion dollars to develop infrastructure across its campuses, including a new CBD location. Additional programs in business, law, public policy and …