What is BSB?

  • BSB is an independent membership organisation representing the business community in the South Bank precinct.
  • The precinct extends from the Mater Hospital to QAGOMA, around to parts of West End and Musgrave Park.
  • BSB’s precinct is the equivalent size of the City of Grafton.
  • BSB has over 150 corporate members, representing a workforce of 15,000 and 20,000 students.

Who are BSB Members?

  • They comprise businesses and organisations of all sizes including large cultural institutions such as QAGOMA, QPAC and State Library of Queensland, key precinct stakeholders such as South Bank Corporation and BCEC, big companies like Fuji Xerox and Griffith University – to smaller retailers, charities and aspiring businesses.
  • BSB has over 150 corporate members, representing a workforce of 15,000 and 20,000 students.

Click here to view the full list of BSB members.

What does BSB do?

  • We provide a platform to help members in the precinct to grow and improve their businesses.
  • The platform might be through events, direct networking, collaborative projects or professional development.
  • We are also seen as the “Voice” of the precinct – advocating on behalf of members on the important issues that may impact their business within the precinct.
  • Local and state governments also look to BSB for advice on issues relating to the area, given our near 20-year history in the precinct.

Is BSB just a networking organisation?

  • No, BSB is not just a networking organisation, although in recent years our members have put more emphasis on the business-to-business and networking side of the business.
  • The role we play in advocacy and being a communication conduit is critical.
  • The significance of communication was made obvious during the 2011 flood and 2014 G20, when members needed a reliable source of information and government needed a conduit to release information.
  • We also have a sustainability agenda and aspire to be Australia’s most sustainable precinct.

How is BSB funded?

  • BSB is a membership organisation, funded predominately through membership fees.
  • We are completely independent and do not receive any State or Local Government funding.

Is BSB part of South Bank Corporation?

  • No, BSB is separate to South Bank Corporation (SBC).
  • SBC is a State Government organisation responsible for the management of the Parklands’ commercial assets including restaurants and carpark.
  • BSB is an independent membership organisation.
  • SBC is a founding member of BSB.

What is the 20-year vision for the precinct?

  • Business South Bank along with over 40 precinct stakeholders developed a 20-year vision for the South Bank precinct, as a way of driving the agenda for the precinct rather than reacting to Government plans.
  • The vision recognises the economic and cultural significance of this unique urban precinct and seeks to ensure it remains a precinct of excellence for 20 years and beyond.

The vision explores 4 strategies:

  1. Global destination – long term plan for expanding the cultural, educational and tourism facilities
  2. Connection – offers a blueprint for improving key connections within and beyond the precinct, including major gateways, streets, river links and links to Queens Wharf
  3. Space to Grow – identifies new public spaces
  4. Collaborate – precinct stakeholders to collaborate on marketing, events, information and planning