sustainability pledge

Business South Bank (BSB) is committed to helping the wider South Bank precinct become the exemplar sustainable precinct.

The aim of the Sustainability Pledge is to:

  • Create and advance sustainability initiatives and outcomes for the wider
    South Brisbane precinct.
  • Promote all member’s individual efforts
    for a whole-of-precinct impact.
  • Assist BSB to advocate on behalf of and promote the interests of its members and the precinct.

Pledge Q&A

Pledge Toolkit

Read the Q& A to learn more about the Sustainability Pledge. 

Explore resources and tools to assist with achieving sustainable outcomes.

Green Room 

Don’t know where to start?

Stay updated with sustainable news, stories and case studies.

Reach out to the BSB office if you need assistance. 

BSB Sustainability Pledge

TAKE the

  • Let us know your main sustainability contact within your organisation.

ASSESS your current sustainability efforts

  • Tell us what your business is currently doing in sustainability.
  • Share with BSB your organisations sustainability goals.
  • Identify areas where you may
    need assistance.

ENGAGE – get actively involved

  • Utilise the toolkit, resources and stay updated with news on the BSB website.
  • Engage in BSB’s sustainability events and forums.
  • Become a mentor to fellow BSB members.
  • Share your sustainability initiatives
    and news with BSB.