An initiative aimed at developing and promoting student-business opportunities within our membership base to keep the vast pool of intellectual and creative talent in the precinct.

We encourage BSB members to consider facilitating:

  1. a student internship;
  2. short-term work experience;
  3. mentor/ career guidance;
  4. a paid job opportunity;in their workplace, and help foster growth within the South Bank business community.

Benefits For Business

  • Provides a ‘fresh’ student perspective of your company’s operation.
  • Adds additional resource to specific activities/projects
  • Helps identify potential talent for upcoming job vacancies
  • Provides development opportunities for existing staff who supervise the student

Benefits For Students

  • Gain industry contacts and make worthwhile relationships
  • ‘Real world’ opportunities can enhance your skills and knowledge in your field of interest
  • Application of theoretical knowledge in a workplace environment
  • Narrow down your list of potential careers – and looks great on a resume!

Access South Bank’s Talent Pool