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Sessions that support the personal and professional growth of our members’ staff.

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Past Professional Development Events

EVENT DATE: March 20, 2019

This professional development (tutorial) session provides you with guidance and tips on how to write and present a tender, grant or award application. Our presenter will share insights and techniques on: Interpreting what is required in an application …

EVENT DATE: February 13, 2019

Business South Bank’s first professional development for 2019 will help you with tips on how to think differently and be more focused for the year ahead.

EVENT DATE: September 19, 2018

Join us for breakfast and a conversation with some of Brisbane’s leading and diverse business people.

EVENT DATE: July 18, 2018

In this professional development session, learn about digital disruption and what this means to marketing.

EVENT DATE: May 17, 2018

In this professional development session, the topic of Problem Solving Under Time Constraints will be explored. This session will be hands on as you challenge yourself in a practical simulation hosted by BSB Members Directors of the Extraordinary.

EVENT DATE: February 14, 2018

Business South Bank (BSB) members are invited to attend the Professional Development Series – Managing Up, Down & Sideways.

EVENT DATE: September 5, 2017

Following the acclaimed 2016 Thought Leadership Breakfast, BSB asked leaders of today and future leaders to join the discussion about ‘Thriving or Just Surviving’.

EVENT DATE: July 12, 2017

Business South Bank (BSB) members were invited to the Professional Development Series on Customer Service.

EVENT DATE: May 25, 2017

Business South Bank (BSB) members were invited to a professional development series focusing on THE NEXT 5 – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Business.

EVENT DATE: March 8, 2017

Business South Bank (BSB) members were invited to join the Professional Development Series – The Art of Teamwork.

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