Why Become a member?

A business network that actually works

Exclusive offers and specials

The united voice for the South Bank business community.

Stay connected with members and the precinct

Collaborate on issues affecting the precinct

Exclusive offers and specials

Collaborate & connect with a diverse membership

Be apart of the precinct’s 20 year plan

Investing in skills and knowldge for your staff

Membership Categories


$4,950* Per Year

  • Major stakeholder in the precinct; and/or
  • Organisation of prominence; and/or
  • Typically 50 or more employees


$2,100* Per Year

  • Significant stakeholder in the precinct; and/or
  • Medium size and/or emerging organisation; and/or
  • Typically less than 50 employees


$630* Per Year

  • Smaller stakeholder in the precinct; and/or
  • Non-profits and charitable organisations; and/or
  • Typically maximum of 20 employees
*Prices exclude GST