Victoria Bridge Closure FAQ

December 1, 2020 – Community


What is the alternative route?

There is no prescribed detour between South Brisbane and the CBD. We encourage you to choose the connection that best suits your journey. Nearby river crossings that connect the CBD to South Brisbane include the William Jolly Bridge and Captain Cook Bridge. Other river crossings including the Go Between Bridge and Story Bridge also provide connections between the inner city and the suburbs for motorists. There are several existing and future green bridges that also provide connections across the river.


Why now?

Since identifying the Victoria Bridge would be converted to a green bridge, the closure of the bridge to general traffic has been planned for 2021. Scheduling the closure in January 2021 was a strategic choice to reduce the immediate impact of the closure by making the change before many people have resettled into their routine and while general traffic is comparably less than normal volumes.

The closure will enable Council to extend the CityLink Cycleway trial bikeway facility from William Street across the Victoria Bridge to Grey Street in early 2021. This will provide enhanced active transport links between the CBD and South Brisbane. Closure of the bridge will also facilitate the construction of this section of the Brisbane Metro, programmed to commence in mid to late 2021.


Who does the closure affect?

The closure will be to bridge users travelling in the two general traffic lanes between Melbourne Street and Grey Street in South Brisbane, across to the intersection of William St and North Quay in CBD. General traffic includes all non-public transport vehicles, including private cars, motorcycles, commercial coaches, taxis, and rideshare vehicles.

The bridge will still carry buses in the busway bus lanes, and footpaths will remain open to pedestrians, cyclists and other footpath users. Following the CityLink works, a new dedicated bikeway will separate cyclist movements across the bridge, and once the Brisbane Metro project is complete, the bridge will also carry metro vehicles.


How do I access the carparks off the Cultural Centre Tunnel?

You can access the carparks in Stanley Street via the Peel Street and Grey Street intersection. Recent upgrades to this intersection have improved capacity and efficiency for traffic entering and exiting the carparks for major events.