THE CONNECTION WITH Chef Takashi Nami, Head Omakase Chef, TAKASHIYA

June 3, 2022 – Celebrating Members, Community, The Connection

What is your business?
TAKASHIYA is an authentic Japanese restaurant and cocktail bar offering the first omakase experience in Brisbane.

How many people work at your business?
We have around 10 people in the operation of the business.

What do you want BSB members to know about you or your business?
Chef Takashi, has over 40 years experience (including 8 years in Japan before migrating to Australia) specialising in crafting the best nigiri with his special sushi rice and impeccable knife skill. He is passionate about presenting the best produce to his customers. Chef Takashi often visits the fish markets to select the freshest local seafood and sources ingredients which we rarely see in Australia from his trusted suppliers from Japan. Chef Takashi also travels to Tasmania to source fresh wasabi and truffle. Alongside with Chef Kazu, the duo cooks and serves in front of the 12-seater omakase counter offering 16 course “the ultimate gourmet Japanese dining experience” as described in The Courier Mail.

TAKASHIYA opens for omakase from Thursdays to Mondays for 2 sessions (5:30pm and 8:00pm) as well as Sunday lunch.

For a more casual dining and drinking experience, TAKASHIYA also offers Japanese specialty cocktails, whiskies and sake as well as A la Carte menu under the 24-seater cherry blossom bar.

What do you like about the South Bank Precinct? 
South Bank Precinct is an iconic destination for tourists and locals and because of that, I have met a lot of people from different backgrounds in South Bank which I really enjoy. South Bank also has the best view of the skyline of Brisbane.

What has surprised you the most about the Covid experience?
A lot of businesses (especially hospitality) were hit by Covid but it was also interesting to see how people’s perception towards dining has changed (e.g. more takeaway and delivered meals). I was lucky enough to start up my business during Covid as people still wanted my food during lockdown. Through social media, more people know about my food and that was also how TAKASHIYA has come together and opened in September 2021 during this unprecedented time.   

What are your words of wisdom?
Keep calm, think positively and work hard.