Queensland Trust For Nature

At Queensland Trust for Nature (QTFN) Biodiversity is our Business.

QTFN is an independent non-for-profit trust that partners to protect, enhance and restore property, increasing the privately owned protected land across Queensland. We capitalise on our long-term holdings and use environmental markets, education and research to demonstrate the importance and value of biodiversity and productive landscapes.

Australia is among the most biologically rich countries in the world and Queensland is the most biodiverse state. At QTFN, we do more than champion the preservation of land, habitat, ecosystems and species.

We unlock their potential to make biodiversity an enticing opportunity for people and organisations – with returns that far exceed the ‘feel-good factor’.

Since its implementation in 2004, QTFN’s Revolving Fund has successfully protected more than 111,800 hectares. QTFN focuses on ecologically significant spaces, species, and wildlife corridors across Queensland for maximum impact.

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Level 7, 116 Adelaide Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000
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