Potentia Solutions Leisure

With over two decades in the hospitality sector, globally, Potentia Solutions Leisure has risen to new heights in Brisbane’s, pioneering the approachable lifestyle dining, luxury & nightlife. Ever-growing and evolving to further enhance the experiences and opportunities for residents and visitors alike, through our commitment, skill and clarity we continue to create moments for people from day to night.

Our dynamic portfolio includes 7 unique and diverse concepts, with a number of exciting projects in the design and build to further enhance the lifestyle dining scene. Leaders in concept creation and hospitality management, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver experience-driven destinations.

Proven hospitality operators, Potentia Solutions Leisure is home to some of the Brisbane’s most-loved rooftops, restaurants, bars, cafe’s and family entertainment venues, providing simultaneous talent and entertainment, as well as consultancy, an end-to-end solutions to concept creation, project management, marketing, management and franchising through our industry-leading team of professionals.

Combining amazing yet idyllic locations selected through tailored sourcing with creative innovation and design, leveraged by a proven, professional and highly effective management team.

Bronze Member
74 - 80 Tribune Street, South Brisbane 4101
P. 3187 4590