Ingenius Coaching

Ingenius Coaching was established in 2000. Its purpose from the start was to en-courage individuals – personally, professionally or corporately to discover and live their best life – their Unique Genius. This purpose came from asking a group of successful clients “what is the greatest gift you received from coaching with us?” and the unanimous answer from the group was, “uncovering our genius and how to live it fully in the world”. A daunting purpose it was to begin with, but over the years, as 1000’s individually or in groups tapped into this truth, the power of the work has grown.

Genius is not the rarefied air for the few, it is a birth right for all. And it is not what you may think. There is a voice in us all that knows there is more:better. If we are ready to listen to it, we are ready to discover and live our best life – our born and unique genius.

Everything we stand for at Ingenius is in service of your best and fullest expression in every part of your world – as a leader in corporations, businesses, career or life. Everything else will follow and we will be there on every step of the way.

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Level 1, 99 Musgrave Road Red Hill QLD 4064
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