Impact Dragonfly

Impact Dragonfly are a consulting firm dedicated to empowering organisations and their teams to embrace sustainability.

We design and engage teams in sustainability via:

  • Sustainability Lens: A benchmark tool assessing workforce sustainability knowledge.
  • Workshops: Connecting leaders and teams to the sustainability vision and WHY it matters.
  • Sustainability Simplified: 10-week program for business’s driving sustainability.
  • Digital Simulations: Virtual immersions in real-world sustainability challenges.
  • Strategic Consulting: Developing effective sustainability strategies.

We collaborate with clients, leveraging data-driven insights to develop strategies, implement solutions, and ensure long-term behaviour change.

We partner with all sized businesses, NFP’s, government, and educational institutions, creating a sustainable future through workforce engagement.

Bronze Member
Level 3, 100 Creek Street, Brisbane 4000
P. 04 1234 5678