Increase productivity through collaboration and healthy competition

BSB Members-Only Event  –  August 28, 2019
Platinum - $25 & Silver/Bronze - $40

You and your team are invited to a professional development session aimed at developing your skills as a valued team player and using healthy competition as a source of inspiration and energy.

This session will be hands-on and interactive, as you challenge yourself in a practical simulation hosted by BSB member, Directors of Extraordinary (named Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs Australia 2018).

Focusing on collaboration within your teams as well as other BSB members this session will explore:

  • Leveraging team and its resources
  • Effective ways to share knowledge and communications
  • Making competition a positive and useful tool
  • Team building and leadership skills

Date & Time

August 28, 2019 0



70 Merivale St, South Brisbane QLD