‘Griffith Professional’ Presentation

BSB Members-Only Event  –  November 10, 2020

Business South Bank would like to thank Griffith University for sponsoring its 2020 Professional Development Series. With all the challenges of Covid, we are very grateful for their support which has allowed us to continue to provide learning opportunities to members throughout this difficult year.

Have you been thinking of adding to your professional skillset? Or has the changing environment forced you to dive into an area that has captured your interest? Griffith University is ready to launch it’s ‘Griffith Professional’ initiative where you can choose courses that compliment your career, advance your qualifications and increase your learning. Undertaking tertiary study has never been easier with our new found skills on Zoom!

Griffith Professional, will provide a short information presentation on how you can “mix and match” courses without committing to the full degree , the study areas coming to the fore, and the next steps toward achieving further accreditation.

Date & Time

November 10, 2020 0