A Digital Badge (or otherwise known as Digital Accreditation) is a certified indicator of accomplishment, skill or learning that be can be earned in various learning environments. Digital badge credentials are most often displayed in the accomplishments section of a person’s LinkedIn Profile and on other social media outlets. Think of it as a paper certificate in the pre-digital era.

Who is providing the Accreditation?

  • The accreditation is provided through Business South Bank’s association with Griffith University. Griffith University has a Digital Credential platform Acclaim to provide shareable and verified credentials of learnings.

How do I get a Digital Badge?

  • Once you complete a Business South Bank professional development session, your name will be provided to Griffith University.
  • You will receive an email from Griffith University Credentials which clearly outlines your achievement and your next steps.
  • This next step will involve getting you logged into the Acclaim platform.
  • Sounds complicated? Don’t worry we will step you through it.  The first time is always the most confusing.

Can I earn more than one badge?

Absolutely, Business South Bank has developed a year-long professional calendar so that you can achieve different badges for different learning.

How do I use a Badge?

Once you have earned a badge you can share the badges on various social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook.  They can be downloaded and add to your email signature or embedded into a document.

What badges can I earn through Business South Bank

Click here for our upcoming professional development calendar and respective Digital Badges

  • In order to give added value to members, BSB will be providing attendees of BSB’s professional development sessions Digital Badges.  This will be done in association with Griffith University (GU) and GU’s affiliated Digital Credential platform Acclaim to provide shareable and verified credentials of learnings.
  • Digital Badges are replacement for paper certificates of achievement.
  • Once a member participates in a BSB professional development session, they will be issued a Digital Badge via Acclaim which they can then add to their social media CV platforms.  (Digital Badges are most often used on Linkedin).

Need more information

For more information on the process to receive your digital badge – Click here