Design of New Hospital Ward Unveiled at Queensland Children’s Hospital

January 16, 2020 – Community, Featured

Queensland Children’s Hospital has unveiled the design of the new 29-bed ward. The brand-new ward was designed in close consultation with patients, families and staff ensuring the space is both fit for clinical purposes, children and is family-friendly.

In addition to the new ward, the hospital will gain another 6 oncology beds. Both the additional oncology beds and new ward on Level 12 of are expected to be available from late-2020.

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The Prop House and VM+ team have also contributed to design changes at the hospital, by redesigning the Kidszone to a space where children and families can come to play rest, learn, read and create.

The design which is based on metamorphosis included bespoke wall graphics, ‘sheltering tree, tailored flooring and a secret cubby.

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