BSB Now Doing Takeaways

May 19, 2020 – Community, Featured

‘Takeaways’ from conversations with BSB members sharing their insights, wisdom, tips and learnings during Covid-19


  • Most have described the process as challenging and a massive undertaking – but worth pursuing. A number of members, as well as BSB, has received its first round of Jobkeeper allocation.

Deploying Staff

  • Suggestions for alternate duties for staff (while on Jobkeeper)
  • Professional development of staff (isolearning specific courses available)
  • Cleaning and maintenance of business
  • Archiving of electronic files
  • Cleaning/ developing better data
  • Desktop research of competitors, case studies, etc
  • Charity work
  • Reviewing and developing processes for specific areas of the business
  • Opportunity to focus on inefficiencies and refine systems in their business. Being able to have the time to establish internal processes and undertake long term projects has been an unexpected outcome for many.
  • Juggling staff rosters in order to share job security
  • Many businesses have had to think creatively (& quickly!) to diversify their product and services – so new duties have been created from this

Staff Structure

  • Developing some structure for staff is essential. Setting goals, communicating the relevance of the assigned tasks.
  • Keeping a roster of work goals and achievements keeps staff motivated and accountable.
  • For some, staff are working from home and employers have asked staff to keep records of their work and hours as a way of staying focussed and transparent. Others have adjusted workdays, hours and expectations to align with the changing needs of the business.

To Open or Not Re-Open

  • A mixed bag of responses. Some consider it not viable whilst others will use the easing of restrictions to test their procedures for when more people are permitted. Best to test on a small number and get everything correct for the bigger numbers.

Communicating With Staff

  • Nearly all members seemed to have nailed this one. Some even suggesting they will continue with this form of communication post-covid. Many businesses acknowledge the unforeseen success of online forums and will be continuing the meetings beyond lock down.
  • Businesses with staff working different shifts have embraced this communication method as it has provided a way for all staff to stay connected.
  • Regular communications between staff and management provides reassurance to employees – employees will understand that employers will not have all the answers.

For Additional Sources of Information

  • A resource for Australian employers in planning their employees’ return to work. Also for those who still have employees in the workplace. – Click here
  • Issued by the National COVID-19 Coordination Committee. A tool for developing a COVID safe plan for businesses and other info and links. – Click here
  • Workplace entitlements and obligations – Fairwork – Click here