The Connection: Jimmy Patch

August 22, 2019 – Community, The Connection

Tell us about your business/organisation?
We are a multidisciplinary creative agency. Focusing most on visual communications, we tell stories through illustrations, animations and live graphic recording. On top of this, we also share our knowledge through interactive workshops and online courses for everyone.

What is your role at your organisation?
I’m the creative director, illustrator and animator. This means I get to talk to and learn all about our clients, sketch out ideas and create exciting visual solutions to help to tell their stories.

What are your key skills and responsibilities?
I have a varied creative skill set covering digital illustration, animation and live graphic recording. Beyond on that, I have great conversations with our clients about what they’re hoping to achieve and ensure the business is gaining interesting and engaging projects.

How many people work at your business?
There’s just 2 of us, myself and partner Casey who handles the project management, finance and administration of the business. We also try and engage with a range of external contractors with interesting skill sets.

What is your favourite place in the precinct?
It would have to be a bit of a tie between GOMA and Avid Bookstore. And maybe add Tippler’s Tap in there too…

What do you want BSB members to know about you or your business?
We have a very diverse and interesting background that has led us to offer this very unique type of service. We get a kick out of stories and we love to help tell these stories through visuals.

What is something people wouldn’t know about your business?
What Graphic Recording is. Most people don’t know what it is, but when I start to explain it, the general response is ‘ahhh I’ve seen that before!’.

What has recently happened at your organisation?
We’ve been working on our online ‘Visual Thinking’ course. It’s very close to being released, so keep an eye on the website!

What have you learnt lately?
I’ve been learning a lot about the ‘talent myth’ or ‘prodigy myth’ and how to achieve true success in a particular skill requires A LOT of hard work and doesn’t come from a natural talent alone.

What do you hope to achieve in your industry?
There’s a lot of different things I want to achieve, both big and small. Running a successful and creative business is definitely one of them, but also having the opportunity to do creative work with organisations that are creating positive change to the community is a goal that I have begun, but want to build on further.

What inspires you?
As an illustrator, I have to take inspiration from everything I see, as it may be something I have to draw at some point. This gives me the opportunity to notice lots of different things in the world around me. Seeing great artists and creatives also gives me incredible inspiration, to strive to create more engaging work.

What are your words of wisdom?
Everyone is creative, everyone has a unique story to tell.