Discover opportunities to minimise waste, recycle and reduce single-use plastics.

Containers for Change Refund Scheme

Collect eligible bottles and drop them off at a refund point. Organise a bin for the office and encourage staff to recycle used bottles.
TOMRA Recycling Centres
TOMRA Recycling Centres with reverse vending machines (RVM) make it easier to recycle 10c bottles.
EarthCheck Waste to Landfill Fact Sheet

Use EarthCheck’s Waste to Landfill Fact Sheet to find out more information on reducing waste within your business.
PlanetArk War on Waste Toolkit

Toolkit with the essential tips and tools that can get your organisation reducing waste, saving money and improving staff morale.
Cleanaway Recycling Hub

Cleanaway have a list of Recycling resources, directory and tips forĀ getting recycling right.
Brisbane City Council ASPIRE Program
ASPIRE is a platform for Brisbane businesses to buy, sell or giveaway free unused resources and waste to other businesses.