SCODY is a privately owned sports clothing manufacturer based at 310 Montague Drive, West End. The SCODY brand was founded in 1997 and in 2004 was brought by Bernard and Suzanne Schreiber. Both had a passion for marathon running and identified the need to create garments that would make individuals feel good, look good and enhance their performance.


SCODY delivers distinctive and original designs. There are no restrictions on design or the number of colours. Using sublimation printing the design becomes part of the fabric and will last as long as the fabric.


SCODY use only the highest quality fabrics, zips, trims and accessories and our styles are in step with the latest international trends.


Each individual element of every garment is designed, engineered and constructed specifically to achieve the right balance between comfort and function.

“Fit for champions, fit for you”.

Bronze Member
310 Montague Road West End, 4101
P. 3193 2100