Barbara Yan Grieve – Director

Barbara Yan Grieve is an Australian entrepreneur and business-development consultant who has achieved outstanding success both in her own businesses and in helping Australians and Chinese businesses to achieve their breakthrough success, ongoing prosperity and lasting China-Australia relationships. Yan founded AXCEN to help business people realise their dreams.

China-Australia opportunities represent the chance to realise the aspirations of many enterprises wishing to succeed in business. If you are wishing to enter the Australia-China market for the first time, or if you want to take your China-Australia relationships to the next level, AXCEN can help you. AXCEN is an Australian business-development company run by actual entrepreneurs with a track record of business success.

We are successful in the Australia-China business environment because we have great strengths in the Chinese business and government sectors. We know Australia, we know China and we know business. We know how to succeed. If you are genuinely ready to succeed in the Australia-China business sector, we can help you.

AXCEN has more than 25 years specialising in education, finance, manufacturing and retail industries between Australia and China.

AXCEN currently holds the below titles:

  • Committee Member of the Regional Development Australian (RDA) Brisbane Committee
  • China Partner for National Retail Association (NRA)
  • Chongqing Representative on the Lord Mayor’s Sister Cities Steering Committee
  • Australian Business and Friendship Ambassador for Pengzhou Chengdu City China
  • Queensland Service Base for Chongqing International Education Exchange Centre
  • Agent for Queensland and other Australian education providers
  • Australian Liaison of China Hubei Provincial Department of Education
  • Committee Member of ACBC Queensland Education Industry
  • Australian Representative for China Intelligent City Innovative Development Research Centre
  • Australian Working Partner for UnionPay International

Bronze Member