What is this initiative about?

BSB recognises that members at functions enjoy the opportunity to mix with different people from various BSB-member organisations.  It’s the haphazard conversations that sometimes can provide great value.  The concept of ONE-ON-ONE is the same.

You can randomly choose to chat with someone you don’t know or choose someone you have been keen to talk to.

How does it work?

Similar to a parent-teacher interview format, you choose the person you want to chat with and see what availabilities they have – be sure to check each day (From Mon 26- Fri 30 Oct)

Click on the availability that suits you and this will trigger an appointment in both of your calendars.

Please enter your phone number (mobile is best) and you will receive a call at the allotted time.

Any problems call BSB on 0401 961371.


What if the person I want to speak to is not available?

We have been grateful to all of the participants providing us with specific times in their busy calendar. 

First step is to check each day (Mon 26 – Fri 30 Oct) and see if there are any availabilities – if there is none, then unfortunately it means they have already been booked by another BSB member.

Hopefully, you will be able to see them at the next BSB networking function and can have an opportunity to talk then.

Is there a particular topic we should be discussing?

There is no set topic/agenda, feel free to talk about whatever you like, as if you were at a networking function together.  It could be about their business, your business, the different approaches/scenarios you experienced during this period.

Who is available to talk to?
Who will be calling who?

The person you have nominated will be calling you on the number you have provided. 

How will the call be made?

This initiative is being conducted via phone.

When will the phone calls be taking place?

The actual phone calls are to be conducted from Monday 26 – Friday 30 October

When can I book my call?

The initiative will go live from 9am Monday 12 October.

What happens once I book a call?

A computer-generated calendar appointment will be sent to you and your chosen BSB member.

Your chosen BSB member will then call you at that nominated time/date.

What happens if I have to cancel the call?

Simply go into your calendar and delete the appointment.  You might want to write a little note

Can I book more than one call?

Simple answer is yes, but we recommend not booking more than 2 to be mindful of other BSB members.  If you would like more than 2 slots, please feel free to contact Vicki at BSB on 0439 040 449.

I can’t seem to book anyone?

There could be a number reasons for this.

  1. Bookings are only open from 9am Monday 12 October until 12 noon Thursday 22 October.
  2. The person you are trying to book has no more available time slots
  3. Technical glitch – please call Sarina on 0401 961 371
I am not associated with Business South Bank, can I still take part?

No, this initiative is only available to Business South Bank members.  Any bookings made by non-members will be retracted.


This is our first time running this initiative and we value your feedback on what you thought.  Please email BSB on admin@businesssouthbank.com.au