Office audit offer with Fuji Xerox*

Office audit offer with Fuji Xerox*

Did you know that a 2015 survey of office workers said that only 17% of respondents work in what could be described as a paper-free office? 31% admit their office is piled high with paper documents and paper processes. 40% still use paper for filing “important stuff”, and 56% are wed to signatures on paper for contracts and order forms. (AIIM Paper Free Processes 2015)

If the average commercial office rental (unfurnished) in Brisbane costs $290 per sq m (Savills Quarter Time National Office Q1 2018), think what just one row of filing cabinets costs. Not to mention the human costs of filing, retrieving and rekeying data.

Fuji Xerox Australia is now offering you a free* standard audit of your office multi-function devices and printers which may uncover ways to reduce print cost and use of paper, increase efficiency and deliver a more sustainable outcome for your business with real benefits to the environment. To request further information from Fuji Xerox Australia, please click here or call 13 14 12.

* Terms & Conditions:
Only valid for current members of Business South Bank who contact Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 63 000 341 819) (FXA) by one of the outlined methods by 30/4/2019. This program is not applicable to Government, panel, tender or major contract customers, customers with more than 20 devices, customers with more than 100 employees, or in conjunction with any other promotion. Not available for existing proposals. The results of any audit (including any reports, documentation or recommendations) cannot be disclosed to any third party or implemented by any person other than FXA without FXA’s prior written consent. This offer is only available through FXA directly and not through FXA’s authorised dealers. The offer is limited to one per customer. FXA may at any time revise or update the terms and conditions of this audit program without prior notice.

Business South Bank is a membership based organisation representing the South Bank precinct. BSB has more than 125 corporate members representing a workforce of approximately 15,000.